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A Big Step on The Road to Ruin « Monty Pelerin’s World

June 27, 2010

An interesting take on the recently passed financial regulations.

A Big Step on The Road to Ruin « Monty Pelerin’s World.

VERY IMPORTANT – Why We Will Continue to Decline « Monty Pelerins World

June 27, 2010

Below is a link to a blog that we found. I really can’t add anything to this article.

VERY IMPORTANT – Why We Will Continue to Decline « Monty Pelerins World.

What 1946 Can Tell Us About 2010

April 6, 2010

Here is some very interesting statistics about the end of WWII and a comparison with our current economy and political enviroment. Click onto the article from The American, A Magazine of Ideas

What 1946 Can Tell Us About 2010 — The American, A Magazine of Ideas.

Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession

January 30, 2010

Here is a great article that will let you know how we can get an incompetent economist re-appointed to the Federal Reserve. One of the things that should have been done when this recession, depression, or whatever it finally ends up being. I am thinking depression. When this was first discovered the Fed Chairman and members of the OMC should have been fired and the Fed disbanded. They all missed the signs of trouble.

Read the following article for the facts.

Priceless: How The Federal Reserve Bought The Economics Profession.

The Green Con Job, Or Politicians Always Show Poor Judgement

January 26, 2010

I had not been exposed to the “American” magazine much before, but it certainly has my attention now. This blog is called “Education Comments” and it is meant to comment on education and it is now slightly changed to include comments about the education you are getting from the news medium, from your college attendance, and other parts of the public education system,

More on point, a couple of years ago we traveled North to a high school reunion. One of the things we noticed was the price and makeup of regular gas. In FL all the regular gas is 10% corn squeezins and the rest is lead free gas. We get about 26 to 29 MPG from our 2004 Toyota Camry. Somewhere along the way up North the corn squeezins were no longer added to the gas and the funniest thing happened. Our MPG started to increase to at least 30 or a little more and  the car ran better. On our way back to Florida it of course started to decrease. The moral of the story is that some idiot politician or pressure group again sold the politicians a bill of goods to FL and some Southern states on the idea that you should put corn squeezins in your car rather than you mouth and save the world.

Back in the late 70’s or early 80’s when we had the bright idea to have two kinds of gas pumps, regular leaded gas with larger pump nozzles and unleaded gas with smaller pump nozzles so if you had a newer vehicle that ran on unleaded gas (not better but it did run) then you couldn’t put leaded gas in the car due to the size of the whole. If you tried the leaded gas would splash out over your pants or skirt and shoes. I have heard that a person could (I don’t know from personal experience), but have heard that you could run a new car on leaded gas if you took a long handled screw driver as big around as the leaded pump nozzle with the help of a hammer you could enlarge the filler hole to handle the leaded pump nozzle. I fail to see why anyone would defy a government edict that was passed to cost the average person more money without saving money anywhere else. I guess it worked cause the World is still here.

During this time frame, some of the Farm Bureau stores started to sell a product called gasohol. Made up of corn squeezins and some kind of gasoline. When this product was put into your car it ran very well.

See the article below for the latest in a long line of con’s foisted upon the American public.

The Green Con Job — The American, A Magazine of Ideas.

TARP and Leviathan, The American, A Magazine of Ideas

December 1, 2009

This article will present a plan for recovery and some of the reasons we are in the predicament we currently are in. It is about returning to reprivatization in our economy.

TARP and Leviathan — The American, A Magazine of Ideas.

Do Big Endowment Fund Losses and Extended Graduation Time Effect Scholarship Levels?

September 8, 2009

A resounding YES to that question.

College endowments have taken big hits this year. Harvard’s  funds and Princeton’s are down 30% and Yale is down 25% according the the “Communique’s” Alexander Green, Investment Director, The Oxford Club. He further stated that their real world returns were probably even worse because their investments are fairly illiquid. Therefore, it is very difficult to fix a fair value and maybe even find a buyer. If these three major  colleges and universities are doing so poorly perhaps no endowment fund is doing any better and most will probably be worse.

What does this portend for college applicants? Lower college endowment funded scholarships is the most likely scenario. If your capital was reduced by 30% you would also reduce your expenditures if you had a choice. Particularly in tough times like now. The last time we had a really bad depression or recession it took about 16 years to recover with the government intercessions. Are we going to do any better this time. The government’s involvement is much greater this time so maybe it will last longer. They seem to be following the policies of FDR which didn’t work until after about 1946 and WWII. Here are the results of a recent economic study that supports the assertion that Obama’ s plan doesn’t work  and is making the same mistake as FDR’s plans.

Not only will the endowment fund losses potentially effect the size of endowment financed scholarship. Another matter that effects your college and university costs that seems to be coming to the front is the time it takes to get a four year or bachelor’s degree. The American Enterprise Institute has published a report on diplomas and dropouts. This a fairly lengthly report and appears to cover most institutions and their record of graduating students with a four byear degree.