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“Dumbest Generation Getting Dumber”

July 23, 2009

Dr. Walter William’s article (the above title is his) reminds me of some of the reasons we have become involved in the education process. Our involvement started when our sons were in grade school. We were living in “Middletown USA” (for those of you old enough to remember where that is).

Middletown has a teachers college (from which I graduated), and at that time produced more teachers for our children than any college except Columbia.

While driving through the campus I caught a broadcast from the college radio station where a student was interviewing an assistant dean of the school of education. The college official being interviewed had input into what the student teachers were being taught about what they should teach your children. The schools at that time were pushing a math method called “new math”. They continue pushing this, however, they change the names of the classes. The student asked the college official what was wrong with the “old math”? The college official answered, “There are those of us in the education community who think there are needed social changes in the USA and the quickest way to bring about those changes is to lessen the influence of the parent over the child”.

Many of you may have taken “new math” classes or the same thing with a different name.

We run into people who have had to participate in these classes during their public school student careers. We meet these people as we interview students and parents for enrollment in our private school in Florida.

Why does Dr. Williams call this generation the, “Dumbest Generation”? I think it is not because the members of that generation are especially dumb. His article uses some test scores to determine that this generation is the dumbest. What has caused the test scores to be so low. Of course, the test results are determined by the questions asked and the students exposure to those subjects while in school. Could it be that the tests do not test what has been taught? We know that some of the tests have been “re-centered”, that means to add points to the student score to keep the scores higher. Another reason could be the mandatory subjects that are covered, but do not belong in the typical core course categories.

At a meeting in Florida with one of the testing companies the public school teachers were complaining about the ten subjects that they had to teach along with all the regular classes. The two courses that were mentioned most were “Anti-bullying” and “Aggressive Girls”, these are real money makers for the people who produce the course material. These courses do not come home with the student to complete, that is why public school students have more homework each day. Many parents and students we interview complain about the loss of time to do extra curricular activities or family activities due to new greater amounts of home work.

Dr. Walter E. Williams, who is on the faculty of George Mason University as a John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics, an author, a columnist, and other activities. Dr. Williams article below was published on

Walter E. Williams : Dumbest Generation Getting Dumber – .

Fraud in Academia – When is a C really an F

June 17, 2009

Dr. Walter E. Williams, is on the faculty of George Mason University as John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics an author, a columnist, and other activities.

For those of you who are old enough to remember the SAT exam was re-centered by adding about 100 points to test takers scores, the 100 points is allocated to the sections of the test. The ACT at a counselor’s meeting last fall was complaining about the lower scores they are getting. Of course, it is all the students fault.

Dr. Williams quotes from several sources about the grades earned by students. This is not only Podunk U. , the Ivy League schools are right up there leading the way with grade inflation. Parents and employers should subtract a grade from the report card turned in and consider a “C” as the new “F”.

For a little fun read the article linked to below.

Walter E. Williams : Fraud in Academia –

ACT test for college admission

June 13, 2009

Have you taken the ACT recently? If so you might be interested in a little history about the test. We as a private school are considering giving the Plan which is a product of the ACT folks. The history of the various ACT organization’s tests are found at the link below. » act test .