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Is College Education a Bubble

September 6, 2010

Please note that the only apparent place to get student loans is now the U. S. Government. The entity that knows more about your needs and wants than even yourselves. The education bubble may not burst today, but it surely must.

Look at the housing bubble, a similar situation with Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac holding or guaranteeing most of the mortgages  loans in the US and maybe some foreign nations also.  This situation took several years to develop, but develop it has and continues.

Read the following article.

Monty Pelerins World » The Soon to Burst Education Bubble.

College Bound Seniors 2009 SAT Results

August 27, 2009

Looks like the SAT scores students have earned have remained about the same this year as last.

The big deal this year is diversity as it has been for many years. As the scores are about the same, there is nothing to celebrate nor is there a need for excuses so there is even more diversity celebration.

Included below are a couple of links. Interested in Florida overall results?  There are 15 pages of statistics, but couldn’t find an overall picture for Florida.

See press releases College Bound Seniors 2009.

See results for your state

ACT test for college admission

June 13, 2009

Have you taken the ACT recently? If so you might be interested in a little history about the test. We as a private school are considering giving the Plan which is a product of the ACT folks. The history of the various ACT organization’s tests are found at the link below. » act test .

Florida Student Scholarship and Grant Programs

June 11, 2009

The Florida Legislature has made some changes to the Bright Futures Scholarship and Grant Programs. The details are found in the link below. The effective date is July 1, 2009 and starts for years 2009-2010. It is still the only merit program supported by Florida


Florida Student Scholarship and Grant Programs.