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Is College Education a Bubble

September 6, 2010

Please note that the only apparent place to get student loans is now the U. S. Government. The entity that knows more about your needs and wants than even yourselves. The education bubble may not burst today, but it surely must.

Look at the housing bubble, a similar situation with Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac holding or guaranteeing most of the mortgages  loans in the US and maybe some foreign nations also.  This situation took several years to develop, but develop it has and continues.

Read the following article.

Monty Pelerins World » The Soon to Burst Education Bubble.

VERY IMPORTANT – Why We Will Continue to Decline « Monty Pelerins World

June 27, 2010

Below is a link to a blog that we found. I really can’t add anything to this article.

VERY IMPORTANT – Why We Will Continue to Decline « Monty Pelerins World.

Five myths about America’s credit card debt –

February 4, 2010

This looks like a very good article from the Washington Post. I am sure you have heard there is a new law going into effect this month. The author of this article doesn’t think it will fix anything or much in any case. The credit card issuers have had since last spring to raise their payment level and their interest levels.  He indicates if you already have credit card debt you won’t be helped by this legislation.

You should share this with your students or parents. It also gives a history of credit cards.

You might also be interested in the fact that Chelsy Clinton and one of the Biden boys have very lucrative jobs with credit card companies or bank credit card divisions

Five myths about America’s credit card debt –

Do Big Endowment Fund Losses and Extended Graduation Time Effect Scholarship Levels?

September 8, 2009

A resounding YES to that question.

College endowments have taken big hits this year. Harvard’s  funds and Princeton’s are down 30% and Yale is down 25% according the the “Communique’s” Alexander Green, Investment Director, The Oxford Club. He further stated that their real world returns were probably even worse because their investments are fairly illiquid. Therefore, it is very difficult to fix a fair value and maybe even find a buyer. If these three major  colleges and universities are doing so poorly perhaps no endowment fund is doing any better and most will probably be worse.

What does this portend for college applicants? Lower college endowment funded scholarships is the most likely scenario. If your capital was reduced by 30% you would also reduce your expenditures if you had a choice. Particularly in tough times like now. The last time we had a really bad depression or recession it took about 16 years to recover with the government intercessions. Are we going to do any better this time. The government’s involvement is much greater this time so maybe it will last longer. They seem to be following the policies of FDR which didn’t work until after about 1946 and WWII. Here are the results of a recent economic study that supports the assertion that Obama’ s plan doesn’t work  and is making the same mistake as FDR’s plans.

Not only will the endowment fund losses potentially effect the size of endowment financed scholarship. Another matter that effects your college and university costs that seems to be coming to the front is the time it takes to get a four year or bachelor’s degree. The American Enterprise Institute has published a report on diplomas and dropouts. This a fairly lengthly report and appears to cover most institutions and their record of graduating students with a four byear degree.

College Bound Seniors 2009 SAT Results

August 27, 2009

Looks like the SAT scores students have earned have remained about the same this year as last.

The big deal this year is diversity as it has been for many years. As the scores are about the same, there is nothing to celebrate nor is there a need for excuses so there is even more diversity celebration.

Included below are a couple of links. Interested in Florida overall results?  There are 15 pages of statistics, but couldn’t find an overall picture for Florida.

See press releases College Bound Seniors 2009.

See results for your state

Get Into College or University Easier

July 8, 2009

Get into college or university easier. There is a big difference between when your parents had to do something to gain admission and what they had to do and how this applies to today’s student.

When I was graduating from high school in 1956 we started thinking about college in February of 1956 or later. Today by February of your senior year most colleges and universities have already accepted students and have granted admission, some scholarships and other forms of aid, and their incoming freshman class maybe full, you may only get into college after May when the early appliers who have been accepted by more than one college have to choose which school they are going to select to attend.

There wasn’t much  thought of scholarships in 1956, my memory maybe faulty but I remember college being relatively affordable. This was before the federal government’s involvement in higher education.

College prices have increased mostly from the federal government furnishing loans and the government’s involvement in currency depreciation. The cost of college has increased as government loans have increased in size. The same applies to housing prices. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has an inflation calculator that will show you the effects of currency devaluation (inflation). If your tuition is $4,000 in 2009 that equates to $508.75 in 1956 dollars for a year at college. As a multiplier for each $1000 of tuition costs in 2009 multiply $127.49 by the number of thousands to covert to 1956 prices.

There are many sources for information about getting into college or university at bargain basement rates, but most sources only cover one area, so you have to search all over for more information. We have an e-book about the secrets to college or university admission which cover the areas you need to cover and some free reports. The e-book was written for public school, private school, and home school students. We suggest that college and universiy planning starts as early as 4th grade. Get the book to see how to be worth at least $1,000,000 more after college.

Florida School Grades and Graduation Rates

July 7, 2009

Want to know how the public schools did on state tests. Here is a blog on that process. In the high schools the overall math scores improved while the the scores for reading, writing, and science were lower. You can get Florida school grade cards on FL public schools here.

Graduation rates are another interesting statistic, Education Week shows the Florida graduation rate is 57.5% in the year 2005-2006 with the national average being 69.2%. These figures might have been good 50 or 75 years ago. Even New York which many hold up as an example only does about 10% better. FL officials calculate this differentlyand do not appear to be very happy with Education Week figures.

Florida & Tampa Bay schools blog – The Gradebook.